Q? What are the minimum transaction sizes?

A: The minimum transaction size of deposits from the blockchain and withdrawals to the blockchain is .002 bitcoin. The minimum User-to-user transactions within worldcoinswallet.com is .00000001 bitcoin (1 satoshi).

Q? Will I receive coins from airdrops or hard forks?

A: At this time we do not support forks, airdrops or other benefits available to the custodian of private keys. If there is an upcoming fork or airdrop you wish to participate in, withdraw your bitcoin from worldcoinswallet.com to a wallet that has announced their support of the specific fork or airdrop you are interested in. Please, refer to our Terms of Use Section 10.

Q? What is the storage strategy?

A: Initially customer funds are pooled. We are working on optional individual storage with user accessible private keys, multi-sig withdrawals and insured storage. Our cold storage wallets are distributed in physical vaults throughout the country and require multiple people to access. Our cold storage wallets are not accessible via any system. There is no automatic replenish of the hot wallet from cold storage.

Q? How do I deposit dollars in this account?

A: Worldcoinswallet.com shows you the dollar equivalent (or local currency of your choice) of your bitcoins based on real time exchange rates, but we do not accept government backed currency deposits or withdrawals.

Q? How do I buy bitcoins?

A: Worldcoinswallet.com is not an exchange or marketplace for buying and selling bitcoin for cash. Worldcoinswallet.com is a wallet service that makes it easy to send, receive and track your bitcoin transactions securely. You can buy and sell bitcoin with other platforms.

Q? Where can I find my bitcoin address?

A: Your bitcoin address is available in three places. Anyone can see your official bitcoin address on your public profile page. Your profile page address is your user name.worldcoinswallet.com (example https://price.worldcoinswallet.com). Your bitcoin address (and any external addresses you added to your account) is also available via API at user name worldcoinswallet.com/api (example https://price.worldcoinswallet.com/api). Your bitcoin address is also shown on your dashboard when you log in, under the text "Deposit bitcoin".

Q? Why is my balance negative?

A: If you receive very small deposits that are less than the transaction fee your account balance can become negative.

Q? How do I upload my Image?

A: Log in to your worldcoinswallet.com account and click Account on the top menu. From there click "Edit Picture" and select a picture to upload.

Q? Where are you based?

A: We are based in the United States. Our servers are in U.S. based data centers.

Q? Why didn't I appear as a new user on the home page when I created my account?

A: We only show new users that have added a profile picture. Adding a profile picture is a great way to get more visitors on your page.

Q? When will you offer languages other than English?

A: We are launching in a beta program and we expect to make many adjustments to the website during the first three months. We will launch with over a dozen languages immediately following our beta program.

Q? I sent coins to the wrong bitcoin address. How can I get it back?

A: Bitcoin payments can not be reversed. If you send bitcoin to the wrong address by mistake it cannot be recovered.

Q? How do I get my account verified?

A: Verified accounts have been manually reviewed by worldcoinswallet and meet authentication criteria. Before requesting account verification you need to have a website that you control or a verified twitter account or a verified facebook page or an established reddit account. If you want your account verified send an email to [email protected] with the username that you want verified and your contact information. The account verification process includes a non-refundable fee of .1 btc to cover the expense of our manual verification process.

Q? What do I need to provide to create an account?

A: You need an email account and a mobile phone that accepts sms messages. You must verify your email address and mobile phone to complete sign up. To provide a high level of security for our system we require you to confirm a verification code sent to your mobile phone each time you log in or send funds.